Cutting dies, peristaltic pump and other






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- Italian Industrial factory producing : cutting dies and rotary cutting, embossing group, rotary modules, special rotary dies, adhesive bandage adhesive bandage machines, plaster machine, strip for plasters machine, strip for plaster, diapers machine


Rotary cutting dies - plaster machine


- Italian industrial factory producing : peristaltic pumps, hose and dosing pump, pump for abrasives, for corrosive, alimentary, paste industries and dosing pump.


Peristaltic pumps - hose pump


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-A producer of Italian style, tulle and lace, underwear production, warp knit fabrics and printed fabrics.

Best underwear here.


Printed and warp knit fabrics - underwear, tulle and laces production


- Industrial equipments variusly assorted


Peristaltic pumps


- Peristaltic and hose pump


Industrial equipment


- Water and irrigation equipments


Water equipment


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- plaster - machine - bandage - strip - diapers


rotary - plaster - cutting - dies



- Medical pads machine production, complete modules and packing machine for strips and plasters.



Complete nonwoven machine


Here you'll find the best product in :

Cutting dies, printed fabrics, warp knit fabrics, printed, underwear, peristaltic pumps.



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